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It’s not always easy to ask for help. However, asking for help is a lot easier when you can quickly reach an expert to remedy your concerns. FlexOffers’ support team is comprised of professionals who understand advertiser programs, the FlexOffers platform, and the fastest way to solve their problem.

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Ready to Help

FlexOffers’ support team taps into all the expertise of our award-winning network and returns answers from live staff members on most subjects within one business day. If you ask your question during our business hours, we may be able to answer your query immediately!

Live Support

Start a live chat with FlexOffers' support team from right inside your browser window, whether logged into the platform or not. Simply click on the blue "Chat" or "Help" buttons at the bottom of a supported screen to get started. Do you prefer live support via telephone? We do that too. You can call our support line at 305-999-9940.

FlexOffers' 24/7 FAQ & Support Ticketing

If you find that your work hours do not run parallel to our hours of operation, you can find our most common customer questions answered in our "Support FAQ." If you don't see your question there, you can open a support ticket with FlexOffers' support team to describe your support issue or email us at Support . Either way, we will reply within one business day.

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