About FlexOffers

FlexOffers is an affiliate network that works with over 10,000 advertisers and 65+ networks and agencies. We are a network of networks that serves as a one-stop-shop for those who value convenience. Those who want all their affiliate links, payments, technology, and support services from one team need not go anywhere else.

FlexOffers is proud to partner with the most prominent brands, networks, and platforms in the affiliate space.

Our Story

FlexOffers has deep roots in the affiliate space, as we’ve served clients for over 15 years. Initially known as the CardOffers.com Partnership Network for our first five years in business, our organization has been a constant among top 10 affiliates in the world. In 2022 we achieved our highest ranking yet by cracking the top five of mThink Blue Book’s 2022 Survey.

By partnering with FlexOffers, advertisers get more incremental value by hosting their in-house program on our platform or supplementing their existing program through the Publisher Marketplace. Publishers that join FlexOffers drive more revenue through custom account management services, and platform API solutions. They also benefit from consolidated solutions that deliver all of their affiliate links, payments, technology, and support services from one team.

Our CEO, Alexander Daskaloff, the original creator and investor of our networks, believes in a one-stop solution for all publisher needs. To this point, FlexOffers has been delivering on its promise. We will continue to do so by listening to both publishers, advertisers, and networks, per their requirements to further grow their businesses.

Our Team

FlexOffers leads with experience. We go where the talent is, by staffing our team in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, San Francisco, and Boston, to name a few locations… 

We have a number of experienced internal departments, and prefer to manage our resources internally, vs. outsourcing. Whether you’re working in concert with FlexOffers’ affiliate managers, publisher managers, advertiser managers, editorial, accounting, or our esteemed developers and engineers, we have the staff in place to help you achieve your affiliate marketing goals. 

Fifty percent of our employees have stayed with FlexOffers for six+ years. Our team also offers decades of industry experience.

We’re able to acquire this talent by making FlexOffers a great place to work with 80% of employees willing to recommend FlexOffers to a friend, a 90% CEO approval score, and rating greater than 4 stars on Glassdoor.


Contact Us

Mailing Address:

1201 North Federal Highway
#7520 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33338


Corporate Office

FlexOffers.com, LLC
1210 North Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

NOTE: For any deliveries, please send to our mailing address only.

Phone: +1 (305) 999-9940
Email: [email protected]


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