FlexOffers is a one-roof affiliate marketing solution for publishers. Our database is comprised of over 10K advertiser partnerships from over 65 networks. Partner with us to benefit from our deep advertiser relationships, experience, strategy, and our network scale as we negotiate exclusive industry payouts on your behalf. The FlexOffers team acts as an extension of your organization through the provision of a variety of resources that enable publishers to locate new partnerships, expand existing advertiser relationships, and uncover incremental media opportunities.

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Publisher Services

FlexOffers provides you with the tools to be successful. Find existing and new features highlighted below. Not a publisher with us yet? Be sure to sign up with FlexOffers to take advantage of all of the resources our platform has to offer!


Flexlinks features automated affiliate links that enable publishers to quickly create quality content without manually creating each link. By entering a snippet of code this plug-and-play solution instantly recognizes new and existing links to brands that have yet to be monetized.


Gain access to a database with 650M+ products via FlexOffers’ data feeds. Our product feed tool features a unified format that delivers updated products daily via API or FTP in XML/CSV Formats.


Promotions and coupons are a core part of converting visitors into buyers. We provide a single feed with access to promotions and coupons updated daily across 10K+ advertisers.


FlexOffers web service API provides a suite of content delivery methods for those looking for robust automated integration with our platform. Get access to a full set of APIs to eliminate manual tasks.


Whether posting product reviews or a singular mention of a specific product, our comparison widgets are great tools that serve as a perfect accompaniment to the content on your landing page. By utilizing our comparison tool, publishers can find various stores where a product is sold and display prices of the affiliate programs they’ve joined.


Deep linking allows publishers to optimize traffic by redirecting their visitors to the exact landing page of the product they wish to promote. Our platform provides publishers with a variety of ways to generate deep links to promote specific products and/or landing pages.


Publisher Benefits

By way of our publisher benefits, FlexOffers has simplified affiliate marketing. Our network provides publishers with the latest products, promotions and online-only offers from global brands and niche advertisers alike. Our dedicated staff takes the weight of managing all the moving parts of affiliate marketing off your shoulders with one-roof solutions that suit your unique needs! 

FlexOffers partners with over 65 networks and over 10K advertisers! Emblematic of our advertiser reach is our daily addition of new advertisers spanning 25+ categories and 27 countries. 

Our reporting tools feature filtering options that show reporting results by category, advertiser, product, and campaign. We fortify our partnerships by affording you the options to pull detailed reports. Each report can be organized by specific date ranges for a complete analysis of your website activity and revenue.

FlexOffers is an extension of your sales team. Our aim is to add new partnerships and strengthen existing relationships whilst uncovering incremental media opportunities. Let us help you grow your affiliate business and better monetize your traffic. 


Experience, strategy, and support are why our partners see continued growth. Our industry experts will act as an extension of your concept.

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Advanced payment availability, industry leading payouts, and beyond affiliate paid placements opportunities are why FlexOffers is the fastest growing network in the space. 

FlexCash Referral Program

The FlexCash referral program is a rev-share model that allows you to tap into new revenue streams by simply referring business and concepts to FlexOffers.

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