FlexOffers has designed its advertising services to meet and exceed program management needs. We specialize in creating compelling and lucrative affiliate programs by leveraging our experience and partnerships. We provide the latest technology to advertisers while continuously improving our platform.

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Affiliate marketing presents a wonderful opportunity to acquire new customers at a significantly lower cost than competing marketing channels.


Our Partners

We impress upon our partners the importance of collaborating with the affiliate managing team that best suits their needs. Improve your brand’s reach and monetary value by working with FlexOffers.

Advertising Services

As a FlexOffers’ advertiser, you will have access to innovative technological solutions that advance brand name, product, and/or service. Below are some of the services currently available to FlexOffers advertisers.


Our advertisers enjoy access to our comprehensive tracking solution as part of our future-focused standard integration, which ensures uninterrupted monitoring.


FlexOffers provides real-time traffic tracking information. We report all sales of leads by visitors referred to your website.


Our advertising services provides 24/7 professional quality monitoring by our industry-leading compliance team with over 50 years of combined experience.


We offer Shopping cart integration with Shopify and custom solutions for WordPress, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, and More. We also offer Server 2 Server tracking.


FlexOffers knows affiliate programs and offers flexible full-service affiliate marketing solutions. Each is constructed, managed, and grown with a unique focus designed around its unique needs.


We recruit new publishers and optimize existing publisher relationships daily. Your brand will be promoted by the best online publishers thanks to a rigorous pre-screening and approval process.

What's Included

Through FlexOffers’ new advertiser interface, you can manage publishers in full detail. This new interface includes advertising services that enable you to view performance reports for your campaigns in real-time, and promote various programs, products, and services with innovative marketing content. With our advertiser platform, you can instantly uncover the number of potential purchasers who have visited your site and which conversions have occurred. An additional benefit of real-time is the ability to immediately and continuously monitor the effects that new campaigns have on your traffic and optimize.

Access to Top Online Publishers

Our publishers offer you years of expertise and experience in the affiliate marketing industry. Every account is assigned to a dedicated account manager. Each of our skilled managers are well-versed in all things related to affiliate marketing and effectively promoting campaigns.
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Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

Our real-time reports offer a snapshot of all traffic and conversions. Advertisers can see each transaction in real-time, giving them an accurate depiction of how their campaigns are performing. Access real-time statistics centered around your web traffic via FlexOffers’ tracking and reporting tools.


Though you will be assigned a dedicated manager, a FlexOffers support specialist is always one click, email, or phone call away. Our ticket system allows us to serve advertisers in the event they may require immediate assistance after office hours. Through the utilization of our online ticketing system, advertisers will be privy to our knowledgeable support team and a host of advertising services, guaranteed accurately assess and addresses their affiliate marketing needs.

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