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Simplify affiliate & influencer marketing with FlexOffers

Shopify stores can easily create affiliate and influencer programs at scale with FlexOffers. After joining the network and setting up your affiliate or influencer program details, simply install the FlexOffers Shopify app within your Shopify store accountOnce the app is successfully installed, you’ll have the opportunity to partner with over 75k publishers in our industry to successfully grow revenue.


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FlexOffers' Pricing to Help you Scale

FlexOffers is your low-cost solution for building long-term affiliate and influencer partnerships at scale. Allowing you to build long-term affiliate and influencer partnerships. With over 75k traffic sources already available you can easily scale your program. Get started today!

What is a Shopify store affiliate program?

A Shopify store affiliate program allows you to work with online marketing professionals and companies on a pay for performance model. provides all the tracking needed for you and your partners to successfully work together. You decide how much you want to offer as commission to partners that drive conversions (sales, leads) to your Shopify store. Your partners use tracking links to link to your Shopify store. FlexOffers tracks the users. When a user makes a purchase, your partners will be credited for the commission amount you offer.

How can I get started with affiliate marketing for my Shopify Store?

Setting up an affiliate marketing program for your Shopify store through FlexOffers is simple. Fill out our free application, login to to complete our “new advertiser program” setup, download our Shopify app within your Shopify account and install it! In three simple steps you can launch your Shopify store affiliate program!

How long does it take to setup my Shopify Store affiliate program?

FlexOffers has made it so easy to setup your affiliate program for your Shopify store. The application and “new program” setup can be done in under 10 minutes. The Shopify app takes just seconds to install. You can easily setup and launch your Shopify store affiliate program in less than an hour!

How are my affiliates and influencers paid when promoting my Shopify store?

Partners are paid by you through This allows you to focus on what you do best and lets your partners get paid quickly. It also takes away the burden of your accounting department processing payments for each individual partner. We send an invoice to you for all partner commissions and pay the partners directly for you! Many affiliate networks leave the burden of paying partners up to you, which creates more work and confusion. We want you to focus on growing your Shopify store so you can grow revenue.

How easy is it really to integrate FlexOffers to my Shopify store?

FlexOffers’ Shopify app is so easy to install that all you have to do after signing up with FlexOffers is download the app from the Shopify app store, install the app within your Shopify account, and follow the prompt to login to your FlexOffers account. We do all the rest!

Do I need to add additional tracking code to my site?

No, all codes will be added through the FlexOffers Shopify App once you download within your Shopify account and install.

Will I have to access to an affiliate marketplace for my Shopify store?

Yes, FlexOffers provides access to recruitment tools that access over 75,000 publisher traffic sources to help support growth with your Shopify store affiliate program.

Can I work with FlexOffers if I already have an affiliate or influencer program through Shopify?

Yes, FlexOffers’ Shopify app allows you to enhance your existing affiliate program. Many times, Shopify store owners come to FlexOffers to build additional affiliate partnerships due to the size of our affiliate marketplace.

Will your Shopify app slow down my Shopify store?

The FlexOffers Shopify app has been reviewed and approved by Shopify to meet the strict standards of the Shopify platform. We continuously monitor our Shopify app to ensure optimal performance and stability.